When JetBlue first approached us to develop a healthy alternative to their current offering of reusable in flight pillows and blankets I was excited by the idea of giving their passengers the opportunity to make a healthier choice.  Using our MicronOne® fabric, we quickly set out to design a pillow that would provide not only comfort, but lasting quality and cleanliness. During the design phase of the project I often brought home different iterations of The World’s Cleanest Travel Pillow and would allow my kids to play with them, sleep with them and cuddle with them.  They were an immediate hit, and my oldest child decided to name his Charlie, which he now refers to as his Charlie Pillow.  Each of my children use their pillow at different times in different ways about our home, and my wife and I enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that where ever they take their Charlie pillow their lungs and respiratory system will be protected from the micro-toxins that naturally build up over time in our home.


The World’s Cleanest Travel Pillow Commercial on all JetBlue Flights