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People who deal with severe allergies from dust mites or have a bed bug infestation in their home may be interested in fighting a solution – they may want to purchase a mattress encasement.

There are different types of mattress covers that can help any person with a dust mite allergy or those who are trying to prevent bed bugs. There are non membrane and membrane covers that both do the job, but a person may prefer over the other.

Membrane covers are ones with vinyl or urethane fabrics that make up the material in the inside of the cover. The idea is similar to having something comfortable on the outside but the inside is wrapped tightly, and only moisture can break through. However, dust mites and bed bugs cannot penetrate through the membrane.

Covers without membranes are fabrics without any coating and the fabric is used more like a sieve. It allows air and moisture to break through but it does not allow dust mites, as they can't pass through the tightly woven fabric. 

Triggers for asthma sufferers

There are a number of triggers that can cause asthma symptoms to flare up in those who suffer from the condition. It is important that asthma sufferers know the triggers so that they are able prevent issues as much as possible. However, symptoms affect people differently so it is important to understand all of them.

One of the biggest triggers for asthma are dust mites. Those who are trying to diminish the number of these microscopic creatures may want to purchase allergy free pillows, mattress covers, replace old pillows, wash and dry sheets at high temperatures, keep stuffed animals and toys out of the bed, and also wash those in high temperatures. Another helpful tool is a dehumidifier to get rid of dust mites.

Other triggers include smoking, pets, cockroaches, indoor mold, strong odors such as sprays and smoke, pollen, colds and infections and changes in the weather. Once a sufferer discovers which of these affect them more than the other, they are able to find prevention methods so that they can live without severe asthma symptoms. 

The holiday season brings families together, as they give gifts, share stories and enjoy delicious meals. However, there is one present that you do not want to bring along on your trip or that you do not want someone to bring to you – bed bugs.

Bed bugs latch on to other people's clothing or luggage until the person arrives at their next location. You may want to check the mattress of a bed at a hotel before you start sleeping in it as well, as the number of bed bug incidents at hotels is increasing.

According to the Mayo Clinic, these little critters are about the size of an apple seed, are reddish brown and are flat. They feed on blood and hide during the day in a person's wall, mattress, underneath carpets or any nook or cranny that they can find. To prevent bed bugs, you may want to purchase a mattress encasement. This can either keep those insects at bay or can trap them until professional help can arrive.  

Tips on controlling asthma

When it comes to asthma, there are a couple of tips that someone can follow to eliminate the severity of the symptoms.

First off, it is important that a person understands what triggers their asthma – if you have an attack, write down exactly what happened beforehand so that you can avoid it again if possible. Also, simplify a home – carpets and rugs can create a detrimental environment for someone who suffers from asthma. Cleaning a house is imperative as well as it can prevent any dirt or grime that could cause an attack, and so can cleaning your hands – the less bacteria, the better.

One of the triggers for an asthma attack or an increase in symptoms can come from a dust mite allergy. More often than not, those who suffer from asthma, also experience an allergy to dust mites. There are a few ways to prevent these symptoms from worsening, including vacuuming often or purchasing allergy free pillows, which can help those who have a tough time during the night, sleep soundly.

There are a great deal of myths and beliefs when it comes to bed bugs, and many of them are not true. One of the biggest myths or fears that people adhere to is that bed bugs can spread diseases or that they can make you sick.

It is possible that these little critters can be effected with some bloodborne diseases, but there has been no evidence that they can transfer these diseases to another person. There are many indications that show that you have a bed bug infestation including red and itchy bites all over the skin, especially in rows or in clusters. Additionally, you may be able to identify the exoskeleton, as bed bugs shed their skin fives times throughout their life.

Those who are afraid they will get bed bugs can participate in a few preventative measures. Washing and drying linens in high temperatures can kill these little insects along with purchasing mattress covers, which can keep the bed bugs at bay or trap them until professional help arrives.  

Those who have dust mite allergies can never really get rid of them because they are an inevitable part of life. However, there are a number of ways for someone to manage their allergies and to keep their symptoms at bay.

When it comes to controlling a dust mite allergy, there are some things that work and others that do not. A mattress encasement is one of the biggest recommendations that a doctor will provide for someone who is finding difficulty with this allergy. If it is possible to avoid, try to stay away from upholstered furniture, which can give an allergy sufferer some relief.

In addition, allergy free pillows can also prevent symptoms from worsening.

What doesn't work includes air filters as dead mites are bigger than the particles in which an air filter is designed to catch. Also, heating duct cleaning services are not the most beneficial because mites do not live in air ducts. Some acaricides or chemicals that kill dust mites may do as much harm to the person as the dust mite itself, which is important to keep in mind.  

Dust mites allergies can affect people at any point during the year, but the cold winter months may result in a spike in symptoms. The cold weather creates a warm house full of people and pets, and this can cause a person's allergy symptoms to flare up, which are often similar to the effects of having a bad cold.

Those who sneeze and cough when faced with pet dander and dust mites are no stranger to the symptoms, as they occur year-round. However, there are ways to keep the sneezing and sniffling at bay. Those who are hosting can wash and dry all of their linens in high temperatures to kill any mites along with vacuuming furniture, mattresses and carpets.

Those who are returning home for winter break or are visiting their family and friends may want to bring allergy free pillows with them. These pillows can help a person sleep soundly if their allergies worsen throughout the night, preventing them from sleeping. This is can be the perfect alternative to those pillows that have been stored in a closet since last winter.  

The resurgence of bed bugs around the world is most likely due to increased international travel and changes in pest control practices among other factors. However, most do not know exactly where these little critters hide, as you may not always be able to find them on your mattress.

During the day you may be able to find them in mattresses, box springs, bed frames and headboards. However, bed bugs can also find hiding places under peeling paint or loose wallpaper, under carpeting that is near the bed or in upholstered furniture seams. At night, you will not be able to feel if they bite you, but they usually leave red, itchy bumps in a cluster or row on the skin.

Those who are trying to prevent bed bugs can purchase a mattress encasement, which is designed to keep these insects at bay. It may also be useful for those who suspect that they have them, as the encasement can trap the bed bugs until professional help comes and gets ride of them.  

Many people remember when their parents tucked them in as a child and said, "Sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite." The majority didn't take this all to seriously, however. More kids should have paid attention because as of lately, bed bugs have been a growing problem across the country.

Even though this problem continues to surface in homes, people are still not addressing the issue properly. If a homeowner finds out that they have a bed bug infestation, the first thing they should do is ignore some of their automatic impulses. For example, many think that they should go sleep elsewhere. However, this causes the bed bugs to travel, as they latch onto clothing and move from room to room and home to home.

In addition, many start spraying any pesticide in order to rid of these little pests. But, spraying these chemicals can be dangerous if done so improperly.

Those who are trying to prevent bed bugs may want to consider a mattress encasement, which can either trap the little insects while you wait for help or it can keep them at bay. 

There are a number of ways to kill dust mites, and one method is to use ultraviolet sanitizers, which claim to eradicate dust mite eggs by exposing them to certain wavelengths. But, when you purchase these sanitizers, it is important to find a device that has components that are effective. This method can work, but it is time-consuming and labor intensive.

Some qualifications to look out for in UV lamps or wand-like devices include those that produce UV-C wavelengths, which are usually done with mercury or other hazardous material in order to be effective. The termination of dust mites requires at least five seconds of exposure to UV-C, and this causes the owner to repeat the same spot or go over it slowly.

Additionally, failure to wear UV-impermeable eyewear or failing to reach the directions can lead to health problems to the person who is operating the device.

Another prevention method can be to purchase allergy free pillows, which can help those with symptoms that worsen throughout the night.