Next to knowing what bed bugs look like, understanding how these little creatures move from home to home is very important. This way, you may be able to avoid a bed bug infestation in not only your own house, but your friend's as well.

Bed bugs live in a wide-range of places including hotels, schools, homes and libraries. They can latch onto clothing without the person knowing and infest the next place they end up. It is important for those who travel a great deal to ensure that the hotel doesn't have bed bugs and as an extra precaution, when they return home, that they should wash and dry their clothes in high temperatures.

There are many ways to prevent or get rid of these little pests. One way is to purchase mattress covers, which can trap or keep the bed bugs from hiding in the mattress. Those who feel as though they have bed bugs living in their bed should search for itchy, red bumps in clusters on their skin,. if they find them, they may want to search for adult bugs, which are approximately one fourth of an inch in size.