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The new year is fast approaching, and one thing that doesn't seem to be dying down is the resurgence of bed bugs. It is important that this year is the one in which more people become aware of bed bugs and what they are capable of.

First off, it is important that individuals know that bed bugs do not carry disease, but they do leave itchy, red bumps in a cluster or line on the skin.

Once you have identified that you do have an infestation, there a number of things that you can do to start the process of getting rid of the little insects. Washing and drying your linens in high temperatures can kill off bed bugs along with vacuuming and purchasing mattress covers, which can keep them at bay.

If all else fails, it may be time to call for professional help. Mattress covers can be also be useful in this situation, as they can trap the bed bugs until the professionals arrive to get rid of them with chemical products.

The holiday season will soon come to a close, and as many are putting their decorations back in boxes, they should be wary of an allergy attack when they place these boxes back in the attic, basement or storage closet in which they keep the decorations in.

This can be even worse for those who have asthma, as these musty and dusty attics and basements have a lot of triggers that can set off an attack, and it isn't limited to dust mites. So, those who are starting to pack everything away, should consider getting an artificial tree next year or steering clear of fresh plants and flowers, especially if they feel as though this year was quite difficult.

Dust mites feed off a human dead skin cells, and these microscopic creatures can cause quite a fuss for those who suffer from dust mite allergies. The mites can be found in pillows, overstuffed furniture, rugs or carpets. However, there are ways in which people can keep this allergy under control including purchasing a humidifier or allergy free pillows.

Many can agree that the idea of having bed bugs in your home can certainly make your skin crawl. The best way to combat these little insects is to first identify if you even have them, and who is more reliable in finding an answer than man's best friend?

Numerous studies and research have found that dogs can sniff out bed bugs, even if a human can't see them. These trained dogs will be able to find the bugs, as these critters hide in various places around the bed, leaving it hard for people to find them during the day.

Dogs can even be trained to sniff out just one bed bug, which can stop the infestation before it even starts, allowing the individual to avoid the difficult process of getting rid of the little bugs.

Those who have identified that they have a bed bug infestation may want to purchase mattress covers, which can trap the bugs until professional help arrives or it can keep them at bay. In addition, washing and drying linens in high temperatures can also get rid of the pesky insects. 

It is no secret that there has been a resurgence of bed bug infestations across the country, as the number of bed bug compliments has doubled in some cases in the past year. As the new year approaches, it may be important for others to become informed with everything to do with bed bugs, so they are able to get rid of them quickly if they find out that they have them.

Bed bugs are approximately the size of an apple seed, are reddish-brown and flat. They feed off human blood and leave itchy, red bumps in a cluster or a line on the skin. During the day, the bugs hide in various places around the bed including the carpet, crevices in the wall and the mattress.

Those who are trying to prevent bed bugs in the upcoming year may want to purchase mattress covers, which can keep the bugs at bay or can trap them until professional help arrives. A person can also wash and dry their linens in high temperatures, as its known to kill the little insects. 

If you suspect that you have bed bugs, there are a couple of thing that you may want to do, and one of them is not to panic. However, many people do panic, and run out to their nearest drug store, get whatever pesticide they can find, and end up causing more harm than good.

First off, never use pesticides that are meant for outdoors, in your home. This can be very dangerous for you and anyone else you live with. Also, make sure you have the right pesticide for the problem and reading the label first is a must. If it does not say bed bugs on the label, then it probably won't be effective for bed bugs. Follow directions perfectly, this way you have the best chance at killing the bed bugs in your home.

In many cases, it is just smarter to ask for professional help. Those who are looking for something to keep the bed bugs at bay until professional help arrives may want to purchase mattress covers, which traps them and can prevent them from biting. 

Biology of a dust mite

Many people believe that they are allergic to dust, when really they are allergic to microscopic dust mites. These little creatures are unavoidable, but people are able to lessen the symptoms through regular cleaning and other precautions. Those who suffer from the allergy may be interested in exactly what makes up these little creatures.

The entire life cycle of a mite from egg to adult usually lasts for about three to four weeks, and they need to be in warm temperatures in order to survive. There are two different types of house dust mites that are both found in North America. They feed on human skin cells that are constantly shedding. Those who are allergic to dust mites aren't allergic to the actually mite, but their exoskeleton that they shed. Dust mites also feed off of animal dander, so pets can increase the amount of mites in a home.

Dust mites can trigger a wide range of allergies and can also trigger asthma attacks. Those who have trouble sleeping through the night due to these allergies may want to invest in allergy free pillows and a mattress encasement, which can keep allergy symptoms at bay.

It's the holiday season, and as many are taking out their decorations from their attic and purchasing a Christmas tree, some may be dreading the tasks because their allergies worsen. However, there are things that you can do to avoid a spike in allergy symptoms, as some are allergic to dust mites.

An allergist suggests a couple of tips to keep you breathing free this holiday season including purchasing an artificial tree. Not only can the fragrances from the tree irritate those with allergies, but so do dust mites and other pollutants that live in the trees. Fragrant candles and oils can also trigger an allergy attack, along with fresh flowers. Purchasing a dehumidifier may also be a good idea along with storing decorations in plastic tubs and dusting throughout the year.

In addition, you can also wash and dry your linens in high temperatures to help you sleep at night. Another way to help you sleep can be to purchase allergy free pillows or mattress covers, which can keep dust mites at bay.

People who deal with severe allergies from dust mites or have a bed bug infestation in their home may be interested in fighting a solution – they may want to purchase a mattress encasement.

There are different types of mattress covers that can help any person with a dust mite allergy or those who are trying to prevent bed bugs. There are non membrane and membrane covers that both do the job, but a person may prefer over the other.

Membrane covers are ones with vinyl or urethane fabrics that make up the material in the inside of the cover. The idea is similar to having something comfortable on the outside but the inside is wrapped tightly, and only moisture can break through. However, dust mites and bed bugs cannot penetrate through the membrane.

Covers without membranes are fabrics without any coating and the fabric is used more like a sieve. It allows air and moisture to break through but it does not allow dust mites, as they can't pass through the tightly woven fabric. 

Triggers for asthma sufferers

There are a number of triggers that can cause asthma symptoms to flare up in those who suffer from the condition. It is important that asthma sufferers know the triggers so that they are able prevent issues as much as possible. However, symptoms affect people differently so it is important to understand all of them.

One of the biggest triggers for asthma are dust mites. Those who are trying to diminish the number of these microscopic creatures may want to purchase allergy free pillows, mattress covers, replace old pillows, wash and dry sheets at high temperatures, keep stuffed animals and toys out of the bed, and also wash those in high temperatures. Another helpful tool is a dehumidifier to get rid of dust mites.

Other triggers include smoking, pets, cockroaches, indoor mold, strong odors such as sprays and smoke, pollen, colds and infections and changes in the weather. Once a sufferer discovers which of these affect them more than the other, they are able to find prevention methods so that they can live without severe asthma symptoms. 

The holiday season brings families together, as they give gifts, share stories and enjoy delicious meals. However, there is one present that you do not want to bring along on your trip or that you do not want someone to bring to you – bed bugs.

Bed bugs latch on to other people's clothing or luggage until the person arrives at their next location. You may want to check the mattress of a bed at a hotel before you start sleeping in it as well, as the number of bed bug incidents at hotels is increasing.

According to the Mayo Clinic, these little critters are about the size of an apple seed, are reddish brown and are flat. They feed on blood and hide during the day in a person's wall, mattress, underneath carpets or any nook or cranny that they can find. To prevent bed bugs, you may want to purchase a mattress encasement. This can either keep those insects at bay or can trap them until professional help can arrive.