When I first developed MicronOne technology I was trying to help my then 4 year old son manage his asthma symptoms that would get worse during the night.  Dr Klein at Hasbro Children’s Hospital in Providence RI explained to me that dust mites and their waste was the leading cause of nightime allergies world wide!  Well its been alost 6 years and hundred’s of thousands of pillow and mattress encasements since my discovery.  I have received heartfelt thanks from mom’s learning to manage their loved ones illness and for that I am trully grateful.

For the last 12 months I have been working on extending the use of our MicronOne fabric to products other than those used in and on the bed (like our stuffed pillows and encasements) After my wife and I got our son’s bed encased we then removed the window treatments in his room and put in wood blinds.  Our doctor explained that fabric hanging around the window was a catch all for allergen and needed to be wiped down or cleaned,l so as a result the beautiful window treatments that we had purchased were moved to the basement and we installed wood blinds.  Keeping a room clean is critical in helping to manage allergy symptoms.

Today I am proud to share with our newest product, a complete line of window treatments that use our MicronOne fabric technology to not only prevent dust mite infestation but also create a surface that can be machine washed!  Unlike normal window curtain panels, which need to be dry cleaned or even worse can not be cleaned; our CleanRest window panels can be thrown in the washing machine like any regular household laundry item, then they can be tumble dried and easily hung back up.

If you hate the thought of only having wood blinds or vinyl blinds to choose from then take a look at our selection and sleep well!