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If you are like most people, you probably spend more time in your bedroom than you do in any other room in your home. There are several simple but important steps you can take to limit and reduce your exposure to common problem areas that can occur in any bedroom. If you suffer from nighttime induced asthma, airborne allergies or have other respiratory issues, these preventative measures can make a significant difference.

Healthy Sleep Diagram

Healthy Sleep Diagram

  1. Encase every mattress, pillow, duvet, and box spring in your home with CleanRest® products featuring MicronOne® fabric technology. Block allergens from migrating from your bedding to you. Encasing your bedding is the number one step that many doctors recommend.
  2. Wash your sheets and bed linens at least once a week in warm water.
  3. Remove carpets, drapes and curtains from your bedroom and replace them with hardwood floors and wooden or plastic blinds.
  4. Use a dehumidifier and keep it set to less than 50% relative humidity.
  5. Vacuum your bedroom floors and furniture once a week. Consider wearing a protective dust mask while you vacuum.
  6. Freeze children’s plush toys in your freezer for 12 hours then wash them in hot water once a week to kill and remove dust mites and other allergens.
  7. If your bedroom contains a fireplace, do not use it.
  8. Keep your bedroom windows closed during peak allergy season.
  9. While we all love our family pets, we strongly suggest that you do not allow them into your bedroom. This will help reduce transmission of pet dander and other allergens.

Bedbug Bonanza, Read this Now!

There has been a great deal of recent news coverage regarding bedbug infestation culminating with a summit last week in Washington, DC sponsored by the Environmental Protection Agency. 

US officials are on the warpath against a new plague pouncing on unsuspecting Americans from cellphones, keyboards and mattresses — the humble bed bug now staging a comeback after two decades.

The tiny blood-suckers had all but vanished over the past 20 years, but now pose “the most difficult, challenging pest problem of our generation,” entomologist Mike Potter from the University of Kentucky told a conference.

“In my opinion, we are not going to get out of this thing” until we “allow the pest-control industry to go to war,” he warned.

The two-day meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday, dubbed the first National Bed Bug Summit by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), heard the insects are spreading rapidly, infesting all kinds of public buildings and spaces.

“We’ve never seen anything like this,” agreed Mike Deutsch, an entomologist with Arrow Exterminating, saying bed bug colonies were being found in lamp bases, clock radios, televisions as well as snuggled up in the pages of books.

 It appears that the resurgence of this nasty little critter is directly ties to the elimination of the use of DDT as a pesticide.  As you well know, DDT was outlawed due to the fact that it was determined an environmental hazard and was responsible for weakening the walls of the the egg shells of endangered species like the Bald Eagle. As a result, Bedbugs have been growing in numbers with no real effective pesticide available to kill them. 

We at CleanBrands took this as a direct threat to quality and sanctity of your sleep, we worked hard to engineer our mattress and pillow encasements effective in stopping bedbugs from entering our protective covers.  Then we had our products certified by ICR and tested over 8 weeks with live bedbugs to insure that even the tinniest bedbugs were unable to get through our fabric, seams and zipper openings.  The result is a 100% effective protective barrier allowing you to sleep with total security that no insect will enter our product and infest your mattress or pillow.  To show you our commitment to Protecting Your Sleep we are offering a fantastic promotion on our CleanRest® web site, a free box spring encasement for every mattress encasement purchased. 

free box spring encasement with every mattress encasement purchased

free box spring encasement with every mattress encasement purchased

Please leave a comment and share with us your bedbug stories and helpful tips you have to stop these insects from their relentless assault in your sleep.


Set your Tivo, DVR and alarm clocks, I will be appearing live on QVC Sunday April 5th at 5PM!  Visit QVC’s web site to see their schedule online.  If you have been planning on purchasing a CleanRest product for your home or loved one, this is the perfect opportunity as there will be some terrific offers never before available.  Make sure to tune and and take advantage of this great opportunity, and if you are already CleanRest® user feel free to call into the show (800-345-1515) and share your clean sleep experience live.

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