It’s a complicated question for many companies to answer, and in the ever changing global economy a company can find itself drifting away for its core values.  For me and the company and brand I founded CleanRest® our mission has never been clearer.  Clean Healthy sleep, allowing you to maximize every day by caring for you and your loved ones while you rest.  I never thought that inventing an allergy barrier fabric and transforming it into a simple mattress cover and pillow cover would profoundly affect so many people.  Just a few days ago I received a call from the mother of a young allergy sufferer who explained to me that for the first time in over a year, her child slep through the entire night without waking up to use his rescue medication.  As a result, the mother and the rest of her family got their first full night of sleep, they all feel better and that keeps our innovation engines motivated! 

As a company we feel that everyone deserves the dignity of a clean nights rest and we have worked hard to make our products available for free by donating our mattress and pillow allergy covers to a variety of local charities, like the Providence Rhode Island Ronald McDonald House as well as the Crossroads Shelter here in Providence.  Regardless of a person’s income, all should be offered the opportunity to experience a clean comfortable sleep, by making this a priority of your own family as well as your community everyone’s lives will become more productive and satisfying.  To that end I wanted to provide my readers with an offer to save 25% off on any purchase of CleanRest® products featuring MicronOne® technology, simply entering “garysblog” at check out.  Use this opportunity to invest in the health and wellness of your family and yourself.