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Keeping yourself stuffed inside your home all winter long can increase some allergy symptoms and can also create clutter and a mess in the house. If you would like to give your home a good spring cleaning before spring has arrived, here are a couple tips.

When it comes to the living room, window blinds collect dust mites all winter long. To clean the blinds, soak them in a tub and clean them thoroughly, wait for them to dry and hang them back up. Also, to freshen up the carpet,  you can sprinkle baking soda and then vacuum it up after 30 minutes. Vacuuming can also get rid of dust mites for those who suffer from dust mite allergies.

Another place in your home that you may run into extra dust is the bedroom. Make sure that you wash and dry your linens in high temperatures and vacuum underneath and around furniture – to ensure that there isn't any dust bunnies hiding.

Those who have severe dust mite allergies may also want to purchase allergy free pillows and mattress covers, which can help sufferers sleep through the night.

It is no secret that there has been a resurgence of bed bug infestations across the country, as the number of bed bug compliments has doubled in some cases in the past year. As the new year approaches, it may be important for others to become informed with everything to do with bed bugs, so they are able to get rid of them quickly if they find out that they have them.

Bed bugs are approximately the size of an apple seed, are reddish-brown and flat. They feed off human blood and leave itchy, red bumps in a cluster or a line on the skin. During the day, the bugs hide in various places around the bed including the carpet, crevices in the wall and the mattress.

Those who are trying to prevent bed bugs in the upcoming year may want to purchase mattress covers, which can keep the bugs at bay or can trap them until professional help arrives. A person can also wash and dry their linens in high temperatures, as its known to kill the little insects. 

Biology of a dust mite

Many people believe that they are allergic to dust, when really they are allergic to microscopic dust mites. These little creatures are unavoidable, but people are able to lessen the symptoms through regular cleaning and other precautions. Those who suffer from the allergy may be interested in exactly what makes up these little creatures.

The entire life cycle of a mite from egg to adult usually lasts for about three to four weeks, and they need to be in warm temperatures in order to survive. There are two different types of house dust mites that are both found in North America. They feed on human skin cells that are constantly shedding. Those who are allergic to dust mites aren't allergic to the actually mite, but their exoskeleton that they shed. Dust mites also feed off of animal dander, so pets can increase the amount of mites in a home.

Dust mites can trigger a wide range of allergies and can also trigger asthma attacks. Those who have trouble sleeping through the night due to these allergies may want to invest in allergy free pillows and a mattress encasement, which can keep allergy symptoms at bay.

Those who have dust mite allergies can never really get rid of them because they are an inevitable part of life. However, there are a number of ways for someone to manage their allergies and to keep their symptoms at bay.

When it comes to controlling a dust mite allergy, there are some things that work and others that do not. A mattress encasement is one of the biggest recommendations that a doctor will provide for someone who is finding difficulty with this allergy. If it is possible to avoid, try to stay away from upholstered furniture, which can give an allergy sufferer some relief.

In addition, allergy free pillows can also prevent symptoms from worsening.

What doesn't work includes air filters as dead mites are bigger than the particles in which an air filter is designed to catch. Also, heating duct cleaning services are not the most beneficial because mites do not live in air ducts. Some acaricides or chemicals that kill dust mites may do as much harm to the person as the dust mite itself, which is important to keep in mind.  

Dust mites allergies can affect people at any point during the year, but the cold winter months may result in a spike in symptoms. The cold weather creates a warm house full of people and pets, and this can cause a person's allergy symptoms to flare up, which are often similar to the effects of having a bad cold.

Those who sneeze and cough when faced with pet dander and dust mites are no stranger to the symptoms, as they occur year-round. However, there are ways to keep the sneezing and sniffling at bay. Those who are hosting can wash and dry all of their linens in high temperatures to kill any mites along with vacuuming furniture, mattresses and carpets.

Those who are returning home for winter break or are visiting their family and friends may want to bring allergy free pillows with them. These pillows can help a person sleep soundly if their allergies worsen throughout the night, preventing them from sleeping. This is can be the perfect alternative to those pillows that have been stored in a closet since last winter.  

There are a number of ways to kill dust mites, and one method is to use ultraviolet sanitizers, which claim to eradicate dust mite eggs by exposing them to certain wavelengths. But, when you purchase these sanitizers, it is important to find a device that has components that are effective. This method can work, but it is time-consuming and labor intensive.

Some qualifications to look out for in UV lamps or wand-like devices include those that produce UV-C wavelengths, which are usually done with mercury or other hazardous material in order to be effective. The termination of dust mites requires at least five seconds of exposure to UV-C, and this causes the owner to repeat the same spot or go over it slowly.

Additionally, failure to wear UV-impermeable eyewear or failing to reach the directions can lead to health problems to the person who is operating the device.

Another prevention method can be to purchase allergy free pillows, which can help those with symptoms that worsen throughout the night.  

When it comes to preventing dust mite allergy symptoms, many turn to vacuum cleaners to help get rid of these mites. However, vacuums can also cause problems, as they can stir up the dust. Knowing certain specifications about a vacuum can help those with a dust mite allergy select the best option.

Conventional vacuum bags do not trap dust mites, so you may want to use two bags to prevent the microscopic mites from escaping. In addition, micro-filter bags are the best for those who suffer from severe allergy symptoms, as it collects the majority of the dust.

High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) vacuums are the most effective when it comes to killing dust mites, but they are not cheap. These devices have the filter placed behind the motor, which allots a dust-free exhaust and may be able to eliminate a person's allergy symptoms altogether.

There are other preventative measures that can help someone with a dust mite allergy. For example, you may want to purchase allergy free pillows, which may help those who have trouble sleeping through the night due to their allergies.  

Some are unaware that if they are allergic to dust, they really are allergic to dust mites. These microscopic bugs feed off a person's dead skin cells and people who are allergic will encounter cold-like symptoms. To better understand these little critters that make you sneeze and cough, you may want to know their life cycle.

The dust mites go through five life stages – egg, larva (only six legs), protonymph (eight legs), tritonymph and adult. In order for these insects to reach the next stage, they need to molt or shed their exoskeleton. This process of egg to adult takes about a month, and then they quickly move to reproduction.

A female dust mites can lay anywhere between 40 to 80 eggs during her one to three month lifespan. Even though they have a short lifespan, they are still overwhelming in numbers.

Those who suffer from a dust mite allergy may want to invest in allergy free pillows, which can help someone sleep soundly without symptoms like coughing, wheezing and a stuffy nose throughout the night.

Many individuals who are allergic to dust mites may encounter symptoms that are too much, forcing them to call in extra help. It is often considered the last resort but certain chemical treatments can get rid of dust mites, and help those who are severely allergic.

Choosing which chemical treatment is important, especially because those who have trouble with their dust mite allergies may also be prone to having sensitivities of certain chemicals. There are two that are generally recommended by doctors, even though you may want spray them on carpets and not on linens or mattresses.

Acaricides kill the mites themselves. It comes in a powder or a spray and usually needs to be brushed into the carpet and left overnight. In the morning, vacuuming the area should do the trick and the results can last between six weeks and three months. Tannic acids de-activates the dust mite allergy by reconfiguring the chemical but it only lasts about six to eight weeks.

Before a homeowner resorts to pesticides and sprays, they may want to look into allergy free pillows or a mattress encasement. These may be able to help those who are finding it tough to sleep through the night without wheezing, coughing or sneezing. 

There has been speculation that dust mites and atopic dermatitis, which is the clinical name for eczema, are somehow linked together. However, there does not seem to be a cause and effect relationship between the two, although they are often linked to each other.

Eczema, which is a skin condition that creates an itchy and red rash, usually bothers children or infants. However, it is possible that people can grow out of it. Having eczema as a child is an indicator that the kid could develop asthma or other allergies later in life.

Dust mites and its allergens can cause a flare-up for eczema sufferers, which led a lot of people to believe that they were closely related. However, many things can cause a flare-up including dry skin, temperature extremes, cigarette smoke, chemicals, coarse fabrics such as wool and certain foods. Even though dust mites and eczema seems to affect the same people, there are instances where this isn't the case, which illustrates that there isn't a direct link.

Those who suffer from dust mite allergies that affect someone's sleep, may want to look into allergy free pillows.