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The bed bug resurgence is becoming well-known, and many people are aware of the vast number of these little creatures in apartments and homes across the country. Those who are looking at apartments to rent or condos to buy may want to search out each bed bug history of the place before they do.

People who want to rent an apartment should look at various registry websites to see if there was any complaints about bed bugs in the past year. If there have been a number of them, ask the landlord about it. If they seem knowledgeable rather than dismissive and defensive, chances are they will help if it happens again.

The same goes for those who are buying, but they should take an extra step to ensure that there hasn't been infestations before.

Those who already have bed bugs in their apartment may want to hire professional help to ensure that all of the bugs are eliminated. In the meantime, owners can wash and dry their linens in high temperatures, which is known to kill them off. Also, they can purchase mattress covers, which can trap the little critters until help arrives. 

The new year is fast approaching, and one thing that doesn't seem to be dying down is the resurgence of bed bugs. It is important that this year is the one in which more people become aware of bed bugs and what they are capable of.

First off, it is important that individuals know that bed bugs do not carry disease, but they do leave itchy, red bumps in a cluster or line on the skin.

Once you have identified that you do have an infestation, there a number of things that you can do to start the process of getting rid of the little insects. Washing and drying your linens in high temperatures can kill off bed bugs along with vacuuming and purchasing mattress covers, which can keep them at bay.

If all else fails, it may be time to call for professional help. Mattress covers can be also be useful in this situation, as they can trap the bed bugs until the professionals arrive to get rid of them with chemical products.

Many can agree that the idea of having bed bugs in your home can certainly make your skin crawl. The best way to combat these little insects is to first identify if you even have them, and who is more reliable in finding an answer than man's best friend?

Numerous studies and research have found that dogs can sniff out bed bugs, even if a human can't see them. These trained dogs will be able to find the bugs, as these critters hide in various places around the bed, leaving it hard for people to find them during the day.

Dogs can even be trained to sniff out just one bed bug, which can stop the infestation before it even starts, allowing the individual to avoid the difficult process of getting rid of the little bugs.

Those who have identified that they have a bed bug infestation may want to purchase mattress covers, which can trap the bugs until professional help arrives or it can keep them at bay. In addition, washing and drying linens in high temperatures can also get rid of the pesky insects. 

If you suspect that you have bed bugs, there are a couple of thing that you may want to do, and one of them is not to panic. However, many people do panic, and run out to their nearest drug store, get whatever pesticide they can find, and end up causing more harm than good.

First off, never use pesticides that are meant for outdoors, in your home. This can be very dangerous for you and anyone else you live with. Also, make sure you have the right pesticide for the problem and reading the label first is a must. If it does not say bed bugs on the label, then it probably won't be effective for bed bugs. Follow directions perfectly, this way you have the best chance at killing the bed bugs in your home.

In many cases, it is just smarter to ask for professional help. Those who are looking for something to keep the bed bugs at bay until professional help arrives may want to purchase mattress covers, which traps them and can prevent them from biting. 

The holiday season brings families together, as they give gifts, share stories and enjoy delicious meals. However, there is one present that you do not want to bring along on your trip or that you do not want someone to bring to you – bed bugs.

Bed bugs latch on to other people's clothing or luggage until the person arrives at their next location. You may want to check the mattress of a bed at a hotel before you start sleeping in it as well, as the number of bed bug incidents at hotels is increasing.

According to the Mayo Clinic, these little critters are about the size of an apple seed, are reddish brown and are flat. They feed on blood and hide during the day in a person's wall, mattress, underneath carpets or any nook or cranny that they can find. To prevent bed bugs, you may want to purchase a mattress encasement. This can either keep those insects at bay or can trap them until professional help can arrive.  

There are a great deal of myths and beliefs when it comes to bed bugs, and many of them are not true. One of the biggest myths or fears that people adhere to is that bed bugs can spread diseases or that they can make you sick.

It is possible that these little critters can be effected with some bloodborne diseases, but there has been no evidence that they can transfer these diseases to another person. There are many indications that show that you have a bed bug infestation including red and itchy bites all over the skin, especially in rows or in clusters. Additionally, you may be able to identify the exoskeleton, as bed bugs shed their skin fives times throughout their life.

Those who are afraid they will get bed bugs can participate in a few preventative measures. Washing and drying linens in high temperatures can kill these little insects along with purchasing mattress covers, which can keep the bed bugs at bay or trap them until professional help arrives.  

The resurgence of bed bugs around the world is most likely due to increased international travel and changes in pest control practices among other factors. However, most do not know exactly where these little critters hide, as you may not always be able to find them on your mattress.

During the day you may be able to find them in mattresses, box springs, bed frames and headboards. However, bed bugs can also find hiding places under peeling paint or loose wallpaper, under carpeting that is near the bed or in upholstered furniture seams. At night, you will not be able to feel if they bite you, but they usually leave red, itchy bumps in a cluster or row on the skin.

Those who are trying to prevent bed bugs can purchase a mattress encasement, which is designed to keep these insects at bay. It may also be useful for those who suspect that they have them, as the encasement can trap the bed bugs until professional help comes and gets ride of them.  

Many people remember when their parents tucked them in as a child and said, "Sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite." The majority didn't take this all to seriously, however. More kids should have paid attention because as of lately, bed bugs have been a growing problem across the country.

Even though this problem continues to surface in homes, people are still not addressing the issue properly. If a homeowner finds out that they have a bed bug infestation, the first thing they should do is ignore some of their automatic impulses. For example, many think that they should go sleep elsewhere. However, this causes the bed bugs to travel, as they latch onto clothing and move from room to room and home to home.

In addition, many start spraying any pesticide in order to rid of these little pests. But, spraying these chemicals can be dangerous if done so improperly.

Those who are trying to prevent bed bugs may want to consider a mattress encasement, which can either trap the little insects while you wait for help or it can keep them at bay. 

The resurgence of bed bugs have left many homeowners uneasy. Those who suspect that they have these little insects hiding in and around their bed, should look out for a few warning signs.

The bumps that bed bugs leave are red and itchy, and are usually in a cluster or a line. If you have only one bump, there is a possibility that it is not bed bugs. Other warning signs include dark specks along the mattress seams or empty exoskeletons. Bed bugs molt five times in their lives, and these empty skins can be left around the bed and are light brown in color. Bloody smears may also be found around a bed, which could have been the result of accidentally crushing an engorged bed bug.

If you do identify that you have bed bugs, you may want to call in professional help. While waiting for them to arrive, you can purchase a mattress encasement, which can trap the little critters so that they do not continue to bite you throughout the night. In addition, professionals can confirm if you do indeed have bed bugs and can get rid of them for you promptly.

Bed bug bites do not require medical attention usually, however some individuals may be allergic to them. These little critters, which feed on blood, hide during the day around a person's bed, and then bite the individual while they are sleeping.

If you wake up with red, itchy bumps that are in a cluster or row on your body, it is a safe bet that those little bites were created by bed bugs. These bites affect people differently, and it is important that you are prepared with the right information before visiting a doctor to treat these bites.

Before the appointment, you should have a detailed description of your symptoms, have a history of recent international travel, a full history of recent hotels you have stayed in and all the drugs and supplements that you take. This way, a doctor can treat a person properly.

In addition, while you are waiting for professional help to arrive, you may want to purchase mattress covers. These can trap bed bugs and prevent them from biting until the exterminator comes and gets rid of the little insects.